Spring Trend 2012 - Sivani Man on Safari

Safari Trend for Men - Spring 2012

All right, Sivani men. We’ve got a Spring trend 2012 that is right up your alley. Hold on to your suave hats and give us a bit of a drum-roll, please. How would you like to rock a safari look? Sounds awesome? We thought so.

We at Sivani are having a hard time thinking up trends that could possibly be so masculine. Now, be honest—can you really help but think of man’s-man figures such as Humphrey Bogart, Teddy Roosevelt, Ernest Hemingway, and Indiana Jones when we mention the word ‘safari’?

You can’t help it, and you shouldn’t. This timelessly masculine look can be pulled off in a number of ways. However, the key to doing it well is wearing a low contrast of colors while mixing a few different fabrics.

For instance, grab your favorite Sivani men’s leather necklace, such as the leaf and feather sterling silver pendant pieces. Pair it with a tan tee, light jeans, and a pocket-covered linen jacket for a cool, relaxed, and rugged vibe.

A pair of leather sandals or boots can’t hurt either. Got the idea? You can go all out on the accessories, too: there’s nothing wrong with a pair of glasses or sunglasses in tortoiseshell (you can even snag a pair of Hemingway-inspired frames). Reach for your favorite, tattered canvas bag and throw your Moleskine in it, and you’ll get lots of looks no matter if you’re walking through the urban jungle or perhaps somewhere more wild still.

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