The Surf Style - Summer Trend 2012 - You All Can Be California Girls

The surf style, which is a hot Summer trend 2012, is all about cutting loose, being comfortable, and getting in touch with your natural spirituality. No matter what part of the country you live in, chances are you’re ready to break out of sweaters and jackets, shave those legs, and generally revel in the warm weather and sunshine. From coast to coast, Sivani women know how to do summer right—are we right? Thought so!Surf Style Spring-Summer 2012

Now, in Southern California, despite the lovely weather all year round, they really know summer. The surfer babe look and vibe is currently riding a fashion wave that starts with the 1970s trends we’ve been seeing on the runway for the past year or so. Sivani’s leather bracelets and long necklaces for women are at the forefront of this trend, needless to say.

Almost any of our leather products can help you achieve the allure of a hippie/beach baby vibe. The first step with this look (after the Sivani jewelry, of course) should always be your hair. Fret not about what length or texture it is, the idea is for your hair to look tussled as if the waves did it themselves. Jennifer Aniston, for instance, has this look down to a science (an earth science, if you will).

The best way to do it is to braid your damp hair and spray with a texturizing spray—Bumble & Bumble’s ‘Surf’ spray is a nice one. Once hair is mostly dry, flip your hair over to blow dry on a low setting and you’re good to go. It’s good form to put on sunscreen in the summer, of course, but doing so before makeup can make your skin look dewy. We suggest it!

Throw on a little mascara and a touch of bronzer for blush. Then, to complete this Summer trend 2012,  it’s only up to you to choose your cutest bikini and flip flops before you hit the boardwalk, the beach, and the waves. Happy surfing, ladies.

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