The Surf Style - Summer Trend 2012 - We love you, Surfer Dude

Men's Surf Style Summer 2012

Lucky you, guys, the surf style Summer trend 2012 is very easy to pull off. Right up there with the cowboy, an icon of American masculinity is the surfer.

Strong, peaceful, at one with nature, and always sporting dripping hair and a divinely sent tan from even the first day of sunshine, he’s a fun-loving and laid-back guy.

At Sivani, we think every guy should get a chance to just chill out, especially in the summer at the beach, and preferably with a brew in his hand and a Sivani piece on his wrist or around his neck.

Sivani’s leather necklace with Sterling Silver Spiral Pendants is a perfect complement to your swim trunks and sunglasses. This piece, with its spiral pendant forged by Thai hill tribes and handcrafted leather bands, recalls the cycles of life but also other eras of the Earth’s and the sea’s development.

In addition to your favorite Sivani, the surfer look is always best accomplished shirtless with swim trunks, leather sandals, and wet hair. But if you need to grab a shirt, no big deal—a preferably beat-up v-neck tee in just about any color will do the trick if you are wearing a Sivani piece too lend your surfer vibe legitimacy!

Once you’ve slipped this incredible piece on and gathered your buddies, why not try surfing this summer if you’ve never done it before? Surfing holidays are not only a blast, but they’ll get your upper body in shape really quick. In the US, Southern California and Hawaii are particularly active cultures for surfing, with surf schools and instructors abounding.

In a typical first lesson, you’ll learn how to paddle, how to get up on your board, and honestly—you might be surprised at how quick the learning comes. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be learning how to ride bigger and bigger waves.

But be careful, surfing is totally addictive and an incredible rush. It’s also a perfect way to Zen out and to take a step back from the hustle of the office and of life in general. And as a fashion trend, the surf style summer trend 2012 for men, is one of the easiest to put together!

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