Wedding Style Tips for Men - Break Up Summer Wedding Monotony


It’s that time of the year, fellas: the time when those wedding bells break up that old gang of yours. Whether you’re twenty, forty, or sixty, chances are you’ll be playing the role of guest, groomsman, or father/uncle/grandfather of the bride at one time or another this summer.

But just because you’re expected to wear a certain something – be it a black tie ball or laid back beach affair – doesn’t mean you can’t keep a unique touch or two of your own in the mix.

Keep on reading our a little out-of-the-box wedding style tips for men if you are ready to break up the Summer wedding monotony.

If you’re in the wedding party, you’ve probably been given orders to appear in a very specific tux or suit, or have strict guidelines you need to follow on what shade of khakis to show up in.

When these little restrictions get you down, you know it’s time to reach for your favorite Sivani piece. Leather bracelets blend in with the comfortable vibe of a beach or country ceremony, while sterling silver accents can add an extra touch of style to a city soiree.

And for all you Sivani grooms out there: why not treat your groomsmen and other important guests to some Sivani loot as a thank you for backing you up on your big day? As a guest at the wedding, you obviously have a few more options when it comes to attire.

One of the trends we suggest trying pushes against the one-time fashion faux pas of wearing brown, black, and navy together. These neutral shades actually make for a striking trio, probably because few dare to put them with one another. We suggest picking two shades for your shirt, tie, trousers, and shoes, and leaving the third for accessories only to create maximum impact.

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