Summer Beers for the Win

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With summer on the horizon, it's time to dig into the season of what we like to call the Big Three: baseball, the beach, and beer.

Sivani's blog is paying close attention to all three of these very important summer mainstays. Right now, we want to talk about the third and potentially most important of the three.

And that, friends, is beer. Summer is traditionally the season of Pilsner--a group of pale lagers with a taste that we will describe here as "fresh" instead of "light."

Because if it doesn't taste like something, you didn't spend enough money on it. Our favorite pilsners are Pilsner Urquell (THE original pilsner from the Czech Republic), Jever (of the German persuasion, and slightly more bitter than the Czech), Warsteiner (another prolifically delicious German pils), and Belgium's Grolsch, which has a sweet ring to it that can be enhanced with a small slice of citrus.

For those of you who like the wares that smaller breweries have to offer, we’ve got a few suggestions to pair with whatever you’re serving up on the grill. If it’s an ale you’re after, reach for Ipswitch Ale Brewery’s Summer Ale—a nice, full blonde with a dash of citrus. Lagunita’s A Little Sumpin’ Sumpin is a silky wheat beer with quite a little bang for its buck at 7.5% abv. (don’t man the grill if you’ve had a few, y’hear?).

For something a little heavier, grab a cold Russian River Supplication. It’s a darker summer ale that has been sent to age in wine barrels made of oak. There are also a ton of beer festivals going on this summer if you’ve got a taste for it. has a great selection of events organized by city.

Some of the most epic fests include Portland’s Oregon Brewers Festival and the Great American Beer Festival in Denver. Wherever you go and whatsoever you drink, remember to drink responsibly—so you can actually enjoy the festivities and remember them, too.

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