Summer Sports Clothes - Out to the Ball Game

Sports Attire. Image Spurce: gq.comFellas, transitioning from the corporate game to the baseball game shouldn't be a hassle. You, city guys, know the drill for afternoon games - trading your suit and tie for a jersey, jeans, and your favorite Adidas shoes.

What could be better than getting out of the florescent light and out into the sunshine? Here are the two most important ingredients to making your trip to the old ball game an enjoyable

1. Hydration
This is key if it's hot outside, or if you plan to partake in any adult beverages whilst taking in the action on the field. Load up on water if you're at the office in the morning, and try to replace coffee with a couple of glasses of orange juice if you can.

While you're sitting in parking lot traffic or while waiting for your bus/train/ride to the game is also an excellent time to chug some Gatorade. endeavor.

 2. The Right Summer Sports Clothes This depends largely on what you're trying to get out of this ballgame experience. If you're chilling with the big wigs in the corporate skybox, you'll want to stick with your office getup or trade your dress shirt for a nice polo with your team's logo.

If it's a man date with your buddies and some ballpark brews, it's gotta be a t-shirt or jersey and jeans, along with, of course, a baseball hat. has all the hookups. And for date night (coming from a lady, here) it's always nice to ditch the sports apparel for a middle-of-the-road polo or sweater—though ladies have been known to love a guy in a worn-out baseball hat.
A final note: remember to always keep those precious tickets close, along with your cash, phone, and credit cards. Front pocket is always the safest place in a crowd, even if it's a crowd of your fellow Sox/Cards/Yankees fans!

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