Coolest Warm Weather Suits

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As a woman, I can concede that getting dressed in the summertime is a breeze. Literally.

Dresses and skirts are easy to wear because, let’s face it, they are structurally designed to allow for some airflow.

And while we can wear open-toed shoes to the office, guys often don’t have the choice.

So, without further ado: here are some suggestions on the best materials and places to buy great men’s warm weather suits.

While suffocating and/or sweating to death in the suits you wear during the rest of the year might help you lose some weight (we doubt it), it also probably doesn’t make you look any sharper in front of bosses, colleagues, potential clients, potential lady friends, or your existing lady friend.

Not all fabrics are created equal, especially not in terms of how wearable or breathable they are in the summer. Investing in a summer suit will give people the (true) impression that you have money to spend on such things as a summer suit, but will also give you the cool confidence you need in the office, in a client meeting, or out on the town. Linen, seersucker, tropical wools.

Do yourself a favor and enter those three terms into your iPhone or Blackberry right now. They are your key to summer suiting success! Before you head out in search of the perfect suit, have a look at J. Crew’s offerings on their website.

Remember that lighter colors are great for summer—besides, do you really need another navy jacket or black pair of trousers? Probably not. Also check out Esquire’s excellent feature page on summer suiting! If you follow their handy tips, you’ll be looking as smooth as Robert Redford as Jay Gatsby before you know it.

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