Better With Age: Rugged Jeans, Belts, Hats, and Leather Jewelry

Rugged Jeans. Image source:

Here at Sivani, we truly believe that investing in high-quality fashion and jewelry items is not always a smart idea. It's ultimately better for your bank account, the planet, and oftentimes even for your look itself. What follows is our list of the top 4 clothing and accessory items that look sexier the longer they're in your fashion rotation.

1. Jeans. The classic American staple is always at its finest when broken in. Made to be durable and an icon of the Old West, you can put these pants through the ringer and they won't break a sweat for a good, long time. Once they do, though, don't toss them: wear them with pride.

Faded (or fading) jeans look excellent with everything from a white t-shirt and suit jacket to a plaid button-down and boots. Embrace your inner cowboy or cowgirl by settling in with a great pair of rugged jeans in a partnership that can last for years.

2. Belts. Once you've got those jeans tamed and worn down (and possibly ripped a bit for good measure), you will want to enhance the look with your favorite old leather belt. As leather ages, it wrinkles to a state of weathered perfection that no amount of money can buy: you simply have to earn it over the years.

3. Baseball hats. The more you take these out to the ball game, the better. Among true fans of the sport, there is little badge of honor greater than a cap that reflects the blood, sweat, and tears its wearer has endured (not to mention the sun or rain) in the pursuit of victory.

4. Leather jewelry. Leather jewelry is incredibly versatile, and can be worn in a variety of different ways. While you should always take care to protect your leather bracelets and necklaces from sun and water damage, leather jewelry does look sexier as you wear it.

There is something sensual about the fine lines and slickness leather acquires as it ages which suggests a rugged maturity and wisdom in the wearer. If this sounds appealing to you, we welcome you to have a look at our Sivani Designs site for inspiration!

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