The All-purpose Men's Leather Bracelet

The All-Purpose Men's Leather Bracelet

Let's be honest - as much as we all want to have always the newest stuff - the latest clothes, the latest accessories, the latest iPhone, it's always good to know that there is one piece in our wardrobe that can be worn we virtually everything we own. It's nice to be able to rely on a men's leather bracelet that can take you to work, then to a happy hour, then to a club, and then... you got the picture.

With our fast lifestyles, we don't always have the time to constantly change and constantly carry several outfits... and in our hurry to get to the next thing on our busy schedules, we miss to notice the little details. And... as we know - it's the little things that matter. A men's leather bracelet is one of these little things that can make or break your entire outfit. It's one little detail that sends you over the edge of fashion and style.

So, drum rolls, please, to our top 3 picks for all-purpose (aka "wearable-to-all-occasions") men's leather bracelets:

1) The Spanish Braid - Understated, yet intricate, this inspired by the sailing ships sterling silver and leather bracelet, is a piece of jewelry that you can never take off your wrist. With its ringbolt hitching originally used as a chafing guard and a "thump deadener" for deck rings, it easily turns from the bracelet that shows a bit from under your suit's jacket sleeve to the center of attention at the club.

2) The Anchor - The simple must-have bracelet that turns heads. For the man whose presence is strong and true - whom others see as their port in the storms of life - this men's leather bracelet with its heavyweight .925 sterling silver anchor is a most apt representation of his style and character.

3) The Heavy Bolo - This is a masculine leather bracelet for the man who wants to make a bold statement. The front of this thick braided leather bracelet is a band of luxurious, 7mm black nappa leather (a soft, unsplit full grain leather), each strand of which is folded before braiding to provide a smooth edge and consistent color throughout.

The ends of the leather band are capped with solid and very heavy sterling silver. And there you have them - the three men's leather bracelets that can stay on your wrist from the very first business appointment in the morning to the very last drink that you have at the bar.

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