Our Top 3 Men's Underwear Brands

Source: www.2xist.com; Photography by Paul Dedona

This is an article for any otherwise-stylish Sivani men who need, well, a kick in the pants when it comes to choosing the right underwear.

It’s also advice for the already-initiated on where to get the best underwear for guys. Here are Sivani’s three choices for the best men's underwear brands. 

1. 2(x)ist. Founded in 1991, this brand has been long-committed to creating comfortable and visually pleasing underwear for men. Whether you like to hang tight in briefs on a daily basis or if you’re more of a boxers guy, you will not be disappointed with this company’s exemplary line of manly briefs.

We like the Men’s Touch Contoured Brief Pouch, which comes with the nice option of a variety of colors in case you’re feeling adventurous.

2. Armani Exchange. These stylish underwear designs are ubiquitous staples of department store men’s sections as well as Armani outposts. We are particularly fond of Armani’s boxers, which dress up what’s typically seen as comfortable underwear just by virtue of the name on the strap. You’ll be impressed by their quality, washability, and range of designs.

3. Puma. These boxer briefs are incredibly sexy as well as laidback. Reach for one of the options in their line if you’re going for a night out on the town. And, if you happen to be an athletic guy looking to express yourself, you’ve found the perfect partner for down under in the brand’s Volume Boxer Brief. Most of all, you should have fun with your choices of men's underwear brands and be confident and comfortable in whatever you choose. After all, why shouldn’t men look sexy underneath their clothes too?

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