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We at Sivani are extremely proud that all our products are created and assembled right here in the United States. The made in the USA movement is a movement we really support.

It lies at the heart of our business. In an age where most clothing products come to us from far away, we find it more important than ever to urge consumers to participate in supporting America’s economy.

Here are three brands that both look great with Sivani leather pieces and that are made in the United States:

1. Tommy Hilfiger. This brand represents American fashion in its most classic sense. One could almost imagine Hemingway or Twain donning its classic chunky knit sweaters and signature denim. Sivani’s leather necklaces with tribal elements, such as our Men’s Leather Sterling Silver Feather and Leaf Pendant Necklace look great with Tommy’s American creations.

2. Levi’s. Another iconic brand that conjures images of the American West. This brand shouldn’t be reserved for those that want to channel John Wayne – its denim for women is brilliant and varied to accommodate many shapes and sizes. Visit their website for a custom-tailored jeans quiz!

3. Tony Lama. These boots are absolutely a complement to Sivani’s jewelry for men and women. Their stylish interpretations of Western and Americana-inspired boots work well with our rugged but polished designs.

We truly encourage our clients to support the made in the USA movement and the businesses that show a dedication to supporting and growing American-owned brands. Tell us in the comments section – which is your favorite American style or lifestyle brand?

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