The Return of the Woven Wool Patterned Tie

Wool Patterned Tie with Patterned Shirt. Image source:

As we've noted in our Sivani style blog a few times over the last few weeks, prep school style is on the top of the list with well-dressed guys in fall 2012. This includes recurring trend themes such as structured striped jackets, neat sweatshirts with collared shirts beneath them, and the patterned blazer.

One of the most important accessories to have at hand when styling these types of ensembles is the woven wool patterned tie. By nature and history both, wool ties bring to mind Harris Tweed, boarding school, and the gentleman scholar.

It is a fashion item with a distinct and pedigreed history. Its natural -- as opposed to synthetic -- origin makes it an automatically prestigious item. But, as always, there are lots of options for dressing it up or dressing it down.

To dress the wool patterned tie up, wear it with a dark blazed, solid-color wool sweater, and camel trousers. For those who like to feel put-together, select complementary colors (purple sweater with yellow patterned tie, red sweater with green patterned tie etc.) for the sweater and tie.

For a dynamic variation on this outfit, try a patterned shirt alongside your patterned wool tie. To dress the patterned wool tie down? The truly avant-garde Sivani guy will fit it loosely around his neck with a fitted graphic tee underneath, a long grandpa-cardigan on top, dark denim below, and sneakers.

Of course, Sivani's leather bracelets and necklaces for men top off this outfit in a unique way. You can also dress the wool patterned tie down simply by wearing it with a plain button-down shirt and jeans. This is a fresh look that's always in style. Make sure to invest in wool ties that will last a long time. Building a collection slowly will help you to add a dash of prep to any outfit, for any occasion.

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