The Denim Revolution

Cheyne Hannegan Kasil Denim on Denim. Image source:

Denim has a long and glorious (and somewhat sacred) place in American fashion history and practice. It is perhaps the defining material of American style. It says a lot about our country and its people and its nature that the piece we contributed to fashion is now ubiquitous around the globe.

One of the reasons that denim has survived so long and become so popular is its absolute and eternal adaptability as a material. It is one of the few materials that can truly be dressed up or down to suit the wearer’s taste, personal style, and the level of formality necessary to go wherever they’ve gotta be. Fall 2012 trends are turning the one denim taboo that exists on its face.

It’s been long forbidden in fashionable and style-conscious circles to wear the dreaded denim-on-denim combination. But all that has changed, especially with this season’s emphasis on clashing and mixing different textures and patterns with one another in ways previously untried, undared, and unheard of.

Men: try dark denim jeans with a light denim button-down. To go western, add cowboy boots in leather; to make it a little hipsterly, add some Converse.

Ladies: a black cigarette jean with an acid washed button-down and bright, bold accessories makes a punky statement.

Of course, Sivani’s leather jewelry for men and women is an edgy complement to these looks. We highly recommend our men’s leather necklace with horseshoe pendant for the former and the women’s turquoise sterling silver wrap bracelet for the latter. Long live the denim revolution!

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