How to Wear Pattern on Pattern

How to Wear Pattern on Pattern. Image source:

Unless you have been living under some sort of misguided fashion-less rock (or unless you’ve been neglecting to read your friendly neighborhood Sivani style blog!) you will know that patterns and wearing pattern on pattern are considered to be one of the biggest trends for fall 2012.

These trends have produced such creative work from designers around the world and in the fashion stratospheres that it would be a definite shame if our creative and style-loving Sivani men and women didn’t know how to at least dip their toes into this trend.

The pattern on pattern trend has often been seen of late paired up with either the layering trend or the mixed media trend. While layering might be an easy concept to implement, mixed media might not be. In fashion, the phrase ‘mixed media’ represents the wearing of items whose materials are wildly, visually, texturally different from one another – for instance, a tough leather jacket with a metallic t-shirt and a light and lacy skirt.

When you add mixed materials to patterns and then layer it all on, you get the ultimate fall 2012 fashion “it” look. As for choosing the patterns themselves, anything goes:

1. Ladies, try a floral top with a boldly striped skirt, tweed jacket, leggings, and ankle boots for an edgy and modern British-fashion inspired look.

2. Gents can reference our previous articles on layering, stripes, and the patterned jacket for inspiration. However, they can also try a patterned tie on top of a graphic sweater with a striped pattern jacket.

Keep it bold and experimental with the patterns this season, and don’t forget to top it all off with Sivani’s bracelets and necklaces for men and women!

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