The Updated Field Vest

How to Wear a Field Vest; GQ Magazine. Image source: GQ Magazine

This winter season, the field vest had been updated for the modern urban man. While this style may seem a little huntsman-like to be worn on the fashionable streets of our modern cities, it is in fact incredibly stylish for men in fall and winter 2012.

Last week’s post focused on the popularity of the sporting look, particularly as it relates to Kate Middleton and Prince William’s sleek but traditional outdoorsy looks. Even if you’re not fans of the royals, there is no escaping the elements of this outdoors-oriented trend if you are a man who wants to look up to date and stylish. As always, Sivani’s style blog is here to help men learn how to dress and, more importantly, how to address the latest men’s fashion and accessories trends.

The field vest, whether in Hunter green wax or a very carefully selected fleece or wool, offers you several benefits, such as:

1. Giving you a break from heavy winter coats. If you ride the subway or drive to work each morning only to find you are sweaty and hot by the time you reach the office because of a cumbersome winter coat, this is a great solution as it keeps your core warm but allows your limbs to get some airflow.

2. Offering you the opportunity to show off your layering skills. With the field vest, you can wear a shirt, tie, vest, and suit jacket if you’re headed to the office or a sweater and scarf combination (with the scarf tucked into the vest for a chic, European take on the trend) if you have a less formal meeting.

Happy vesting, Sivani guys! And don’t forget to pair men’s winter accessories with our leather bracelets and necklaces for men!

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