Well Put-Together Lazy Style

Robert Pattinson and Clarks Desert Boots - Vanity Fair. Image source: Vanity Fair

Guys, it's time to put the style in lazy style. If you’re the type of guy who doesn’t mind leaving the house in sweats on the weekend, (gasp! from the Sivani style blog) you still have to look sharp on the weekdays.

Even if your office dress code is lax, it’s important to still look sharp. We’re always getting inquiries from guys in the tech and creative industries who wonder how they can be comfortable at work as well as sharp and not over-dressed.

So, what do we actually mean by lazy style?

Here are some ideas on how to make sure you look like the boss, not a sloppy Joe, in any office environment – even a laidback one.

1. Don’t resort to basic jeans and sneakers. Think of creative ways around this scenario. Try a statement desert boot with heavy cotton pants in the summer, or a graphic tee with dark jeans and bright canvas shoes in the fall. You’re a unique guy – show off your creative side every chance you get!

2. Try mixing patterns. Find a great pair of slacks you like in any color. Go as wild as you’re willing, and then add a great patterned vest, and/or jacket, and/or tie to the mix. Putting bold patterns together is a huge trend for men for fall 2012, so be a part of it!

3. Accessorize with flair. If you don’t feel like putting the contacts in, for instance, don’t reach for your old pair of glasses you’ve had since college. Lazy style calls for some statement plastic frames for those days you’re not feeling like poking yourself in the eye in the morning.

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