The Eternal Question: Boxers or Briefs

Boxers or Briefs. Image source:

Boxers or briefs? The question doesn’t exist only for the entertaining purpose of discerning the underwear preferences of the rich, famous, and influential.

Some men swear by one, some by the other, and other guys are fine switching between the two. No matter what, there are definite advantages and disadvantages between the two.

So, which should you wear - boxers or briefs, and should you consider switching?

Boxers Pros: generally accepted to be the more comfortable and less formal option between the two -- so much so, in fact, that you can go ahead and wear them around the house on lazy Sundays. They also come in a wider variety of materials, colors, and patterns than briefs, which need to be more flexible and form-fitting. Ideal for men who aren’t hitting the gym on a regular basis.

Cons: boxers tend to look bunchy under more formal trousers and slacks, and can be uncomfortable in jeans. They also offer less support than briefs.

Briefs Pros: briefs streamline your look and keep everything in place comfortably without bunching or riding up. They look great on men who are in great shape. Briefs are a classic and more sophisticated alternative to boxers, and serve as the underwear preference of choice among European men.

Cons: briefs don’t come in as many colors or styles as boxers do. They also tend to lose their shape after several washes and might not last as long as a good set of boxers.

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