The Leather Bomber Jacket and How to Wear It

leather bomber jacket on J Cole gq. Image source: Ben Watts for GQ Magazine

There aren’t many fashion pieces that are as essentially cool as the leather bomber jacket. This piece has been seen on everyone from Hollywood starlets of the present day to Steve McQueen on his motorcycle in The Great Escape.

It’s a truly wonderful and versatile piece, and unisex as well! We here at Sivani, of course, being a huge fan of all things leather, have a couple of words of wisdom to give both men and women on the subject of wearing the leather bomber jacket.

How to dress up the leather bomber jacket!

    • Ladies, dress up a leather jacket with a floor-length dress. A black cocktail dress in velvet or lace can also bring the mixed media trend into your style in an elegant way that makes a statement with strappy sandals in the summer and boots in the winter.
    • Guys, you can dress the jacket up with a well-tailored pair of tighter-fitting dress trousers along with a killer pair of slightly pointed black leather shoes. Don’t forget the statement watch!

How to dress down the leather bomber jacket!

Men and women both look assured, sexy, and laid back in a leather bomber jacket and dark jeans that fit well. Put a white tee or collared shirt underneath and you’ll look infinitely cooler than anyone else in the room, guaranteed.
    • Women can also put a short floral dress beneath a leather bomber jacket for a feminine touch, completing the look with tights when the season calls for it.
    • Men can dress the jacket down with a graphic tee and a Sivani leather necklace and bracelet with sneakers.

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