Belt Loops? - Wear a Belt!

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Should I wear a belt?! Ah, yes. Just like the socks, belt loops can somehow trip up even the most stylish of men.

This is a very unfortunate state of things, since, well, belt loops are a very straightforward topic. Let us just say it once, so it can go down in the history books (or at least the history books on the topic of fashion) as being absolutely, positively, irrefutably true: If your trousers have belt loops, then wear a belt. It’s an “if...then” statement worthy of the philosophy textbooks, gentlemen. We repeat, once again: if your trousers have belt loops, then wear a belt.

So simple, and yet such beautiful words. So, now that you have determined that your jeans or dress trousers require a belt, what kind should you select? That’s also something we can help you with. After all, we at the Sivani style blog aren’t here just to point fingers. We’re here to fix your fashion flaws! -As a non-negotiable, you should have at least two leather belts in your rotation: a brown one, and a black one.

Match it to your shoes if in doubt as to which one to put on. -A nice belt-buckle can make a statement. Just make sure it’s not too flashy or oversized. With jeans, choose a western motif on your buckle for a cowboy-worthy look. With dress trousers, turn to a small, geometric silver buckle with no embellishment.

  • Belts with patterns or bright colors fit in with Fall and Winter 2012 mens trends that state that patterns and bright colors are decidedly in. Pick up a few belts with these features and go wild with mixing and matching.
  • Trousers that don’t have belt loops will have other means of support in the form of side tabs or suspender buttons. Use them! Feel free to get creative, colorful, and patterned with suspenders as well as ties and belts.
  • And remember, the ultimate no-no is wearing suspenders with a belt. Bad fashion karma, we promise.

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  • Mens Belts on May 07, 2014

    The belt is probably the most important accessory in the wardrobe of a man that can make or break his style statement. It enhances one’s personality in the right sense and makes the complete attire fall into place with its subtle touch.

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