Mens Leather Bags for Every Occasion

Mens Leather Bags by Sivani - Black Messenger Bag

Mens leather bags are having a comeback. They are becoming more and more popular as a staple of men's fashion, as a staple of confidence and style.

There is more to dressing up for a formal meeting, casual Friday, or a day out on the town than selecting a shirt and trouser combination.

Accessories, shoes, and the way you style and cut your hair all contribute to the finished product that is you – the Sivani guy that travels out into the world to be confident and successful.

One of the ways you signal your confidence and success is through the bag you carry with you as you head out the door in the morning. While the basic two-piece suit is a staple of the formal workplace, this piece can be greatly enhanced with a killer men's leather bag.

If it’s true that you should dress for the job you want and not just the job you have, then it’s also true of bags. Bring a nice leather briefcase into the boardroom, in other words, and people will take notice.

Don’t be afraid to reach for a modern incarnation of the one your father brought with him to work. Sivani is developing a commanding line of mens leather bags that will do a great job of keeping you stylish.

Not to mention that the entire collection consists of leather bags made in USA - an urban take on the old tradition of leather working. If you work in a more casual environment or a creative environment, we recommend a nice laptop messenger bag to complement a laidback office style.

This type of bag is also easy for the commute, and for transitioning from daytime to nighttime. A distressed version of the messenger bag is perfect for a casual day out in the city or trekking further afield. Just remember: In any of the cases described above, it’s important to choose a men's leather bag that suits your personal style and expresses your personality!

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  • juicy on Oct 18, 2015

    When choosing the leather messenger bag for men and focusing on the size, go for one that will accommodate a standard sized laptop. This allows for the option of carrying their regular laptop with them but will still work well for smaller mobile devices. Have a look at the the take-away #1 above on the same topic.

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