Top 3 Fashion Trends For Women - Spring 2013

Spring is in the air! As temperatures start to heat up and you peel off all of those layers of winter clothing, you might start to wonder what trends are on the horizon for spring 2013. If you are a fan of ladylike and lovely then you are in luck this spring! These three trends for spring 2013 will make you feel pretty, feminine and put you in the mood for a little sunlight.  

Top 3 Fashion Trends For Women - Spring 2013

White was all over the runway this year for spring. Whether you pair it with black for a bold contrasting look, or keep it simple with a white on white ensemble, it is the color to watch this year. Tons of designers sent all white looks down the runways from feminine dresses to sophisticated tailored blazers.

There were also lots of all white and black and white combo shoes and accessories to love, totally eliminating any “no white before summer” rules you might have. Black and white took center stage in many of the popular prints this year, with black and white checks and strips being a common choice with designers across the board. 

Aside from white, the undeniable colors of the season will be colorful yet soft pastels. We saw some pastels in the winter this year, and their popularity will only get stronger as we move into 2013. Pantone released their color forecasts at the beginning of 2013 and it is packed with beautiful pastels, so we know we will see a lot more of them in the coming months.

Pastels are great because they make a statement, yet they are soft enough to wear every day. Wear them in solid color blocks or prints for a modern yet feminine look. Sivani offers a gorgeous variety of leather bracelets in lots of pretty pastels that will complement tons of your spring 2013 looks. Feminine details like ruffles and sheer fabrics dominated the runways this year.

Long gone are the days of the men’s and military inspired looks of fall. Instead, spring silhouettes will be soft and floaty, with no shortage of femininity.Beautiful ruffles cascade down dresses and sheer panels give a sneak peek to the mid-section or back. These romantic details mix perfectly with the pastels and whites and will make any girl feel oh so pretty.

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