Sivani Designs' Secret Ingredients Part II – Horween Chromexcel Leather

I am sure that many of you would say, “well, leather is leather”, so what's the point of making such a fuss about one particular leather manufacturer. And here I go again, using this terribly old saying: “not just wine, anything gets better with time”. Just like learning the process of making excellent wine, learning and perfecting the process of finishing genuine leather takes time and mastering.

Horween Chromexcel Leather

So, please, let me present to you another American manufacturer that is almost 4 times my age old - the Horween Leather Company, founded in 1905.

Horween Chromexcel Leather

For more than 100 years, their goal has been to make the world’s best leather. Quite a hefty goal but oh, boy, they have and still do accomplish it every time. Their leathers are still made by hand, the same way as generations ago. Their specialty is top quality, aniline and semi-aniline finished leathers ideally suited to footwear, sporting goods, and accessories. Their formulas are... you guessed that right... proprietary and developed and produced exclusively at their facility located in Chicago, Illinois.

Horween factory

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Let's talk a bit about the Chromexcel leather (the leather I use to craft your special dopp kits and bags). The formula has been around since 1913. As Nick Horween says in his in-depth article about Chromexcel, “Whether because it’s right, or because we’re just terribly stubborn, we’ve left the processes and formulas for many of our leathers largely unchanged.” Chromexcel is a combination tanned leather that undergoes at least 89 separate processes taking 28 working days and utilizing all 5 floors of their facility. It is the original pull-up leather and it is a registered trademark, specific to Horween. Modern Chromexcel carries on a long history of superior comfort and durability.

Interesting Fact about the American tannery: The Horween Leather Company is the exclusive supplier of leather for National Football League footballs, and supplier of the leather used for National Basketball. Association basketballs.

Interesting Fact about the Chromexcel leather: One of the original intentions for the Chromexcel leather was for usage in engine and motor seals on tanks and other heavy equipment during World War II.

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