14 unique groomsmen gifts that they will actually use

unique groomsmen gifts

The groomsmen gifts you give at your wedding say a lot about you and about your level of care and appreciation.
Not all of us are creative and can think of cool gifts that their groomsmen would love and it’s even harder to come up with classy gifts that their groomsmen would actually use and keep for a long time.

I still remember a conversation with a close friend going through a list of his buddies’ weddings trying to remember the gifts he got - “Oh,” he said, “another flask, another beer can opener, pens, key fobs, and coffee mugs galore, sitting around, gathering dust in hidden corners of desk drawers and cabinets…Which one came from whose wedding, I don’t remember but does it really matter?”

Well, it does. Your wedding day is one of the most, if not the most, important day in your life. And it is your groomsmen, your best men, your ushers, that make this day special and memorable. So, why not, thank them for their support with unique gifts that will remind them of you often because they will use them often.

Groomsmen Gifts to Keep Them Well-Groomed

1. Shoeshine Kit by Kiwi

It’s not a secret that well-shined shoes open doors and start conversations and it’s not a secret that most men below 30 don’t own a shoeshine kit. Set your groomsmen on the certain path of success with one of these and they will thank you forever for the confidence boost at their next job interview.

2. Personalized Expandable Dopp Kit by Sivani Designs

Every respectful gentleman needs a good dopp kit. To go a level beyond and make this gift even more special, get it personalized with each of your groomsmen’s initials. Quality crafted dopp kits are not only memorable gifts great for organizing grooming essentials but a sure gift that your buddy could pass on to his son. It is also the best way of saying: “Hope to see ya soon, buddy. Door is always open.” 

3. Razor and Shave Brush Set by RC Personalized Gifts

Either as a set or gifted individually, there isn’t any other more useful gift than this. Of course, don’t forget the cool factor and get them personalized. If you get the razor and shave brush set with a stand, it would be a classic addition to any guy’s bathroom (I am sure the wifey would appreciate the sophisticated look and the organizational aspect).

4. Shave Set by Doc Elliott

A practical gift that depending on your selection can go from being “Oh, cool, I don’t have to go to Walgreens tomorrow” to “Oh, wow, these are the most sophisticated shaving products I’ve ever owned”. Small batch American craft companies create classic natural shaving products and package them in giftable grooming sets that include a 3-step shaving system: pre-shave oil, shave soap, and aftershave tonic.

Groomsmen Gifts for the Survivalists at Heart

5. Second Cut Crimson Bone Pocketknife by Case

There should not be a man walking on this Earth without a pocketknife. Although I would always recommend getting a personalized groomsmen gift, it is hard to find a well-made well-functioning personalized pocketknife that your buddy would carry, frequently use, and hopefully pass on to his son one day.

6. All Weather Fire Starter by All-Weather Firestarters

This is one of the coolest and most useful gifts you can possibly give to your outdoorsy groomsmen bunch. That particular fire starter comes with a wooden handcrafted handle, military grade magnesium, steel blade, military 550 para cord, liquid filled operational compass, and functional thermometer, all packed in a single easy-to-use tool. Is there a manlier man than the man who can start a fire, cook dinner in the wilderness, and get you home safely afterwords?

7. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter by LifeStraw

If you thought that the all weather fire starter was cool, this is even cooler - LifeStraw personal water filter would enable your crazy outdoors buddies to drink water safely from contaminated water sources. It is ideal for campers and hikers who may be drinking from rivers or lakes and are unsure of the water safety. It is so lightweight and so compact that it can actually fit into their pocket and would filter up to 264 gallons of water.

Groomsmen Gifts for the Professional

8. Money Clip by White Truffle

Although a bit common and not as unique, if you get the money clips personalized, they could turn into memorable, quite useful, simple, timeless, and classy gifts.

9. Field Notes Notebook Wallet - The Park Sloper by One Star Leather Goods

A pricier alternative to the slim leather wallet, the filed notes notebook wallet is the perfect gift for the thinker and the walking idea generator. High quality genuine leather field notes notebook wallets are also crafted in the USA in small batches and not only would you be giving a gift that could be passed on to the next generation but you would be supporting American craft.

10. Slim Leather Card Wallet by Bison

A step up the money clip, the slim genuine leather card wallet, makes for an exceptionally sophisticated manly gift. They are getting so popular and many of them are handcrafted right here in the USA. Get one that is personalized and you are on the way to becoming a gift-giving superstar.

Groomsmen Gifts for the Food and Drink Lovers

11. Beer Making Kit by Urban Brewery

How awesome does it sound to get your beer loving buddies the opportunity to make their own handcrafted beer? If you get an equipment kit, they are specifically tailored for those short on kitchen space and utilize a process known as brew in a bag, while maintaining quality end results, a fresh hand crafted beer. The kits include everything you will need for a fun and enjoyable brewing experience.

12. Bourbon Whiskey Wine Aging Barrel by The Man Registry

Your hard liquor drinking buddies would certainly appreciate feeling like master distillers sipping a glass of fine bourbon aged in their own personalized wood barrels.

13. Specialty Beer and Wine Glasses by Pretentious Beer Glass

For the pretentious beer and wine drinker, these glasses are crafted one at a time in the USA and are designed to enhance your buddies’ drinking experience. So cool looking, they would be an instant hit and a gift completely out of the box.

14. Personalized Rosewood Barbecue Kit by Executive Gift Shoppe

A useful addition to any man’s tool collection, a nicely packed barbecue kit is a safe gift choice that would not disappoint.

Do you have another idea for useful and unique groomsmen gifts? Drop a line in the comments box and let us know.

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