Show Them Your Love & Care

with exceptionally crafted personalized gifts


My products have been featured in Etsy gift guides season after season and my apron made it into GQ’s gift guide for The Guy Who Has Everything.

Is he hard to shop for because:

‣ he is very particular?

‣ has discerning taste?

‣ buys everything he needs and wants himself?

‣ or maybe he's not into things and looks?

I’ll take care of you and your hard-to-shop-for man.

Not just take care - we (you and I) are going to impress him!

Handmade in the USA

Crafted in small batches in Portland, OR and Austin, TX - not the cheapest but ensures my products stand the test of time.

Finest quality materials

I use American-made materials that strike the right balance of functionality, durability and ability to age gracefully.

Solid construction

Crafted in hundreds of handmade steps - it takes an entire team of experienced artisans to make and inspect a single product.

Will You Be The Next Gifting Rockstar?

Take It From My Customers: