Sivani Springs into Leather Necklaces and Bracelets - In Mint Condition

Sterling Silver Chain Leather Necklace

Mint is emerging as one of the hottest and most wanted colors this season. Fashion designers have colored the runways in minty clothing collections and we, at Sivani, have decided to keep up with the latest color trend and offer some minty leather necklaces and leather bracelets on our web runway.

Luckily for the savvy fashionista, Sivani has created a few limited edition leather necklaces and some long desired leather bracelets that can add a little minty freshness into your wardrobe.

First, there is the sterling silver chain necklace with mint in a beautiful smooth leather. This is a desirable, limited edition necklace that lays long on the chest.

It features a structured Italian sterling silver chain, which lends a weighty contrast to the light green leather from which it suspends. The silver has undergone a specialized oxidation process to achieve a metallic shimmer and natural variation.

The infinity bracelet in mint leather is a delicate piece. Its design is inspired by Silvia Nikolov’s clients.Says the designer herself: “I’ve had so many requests for a bracelet with the infinity symbol, and I finally designed one.” This light and airy bracelet features sterling silver beads made by hand and sources from hill tribes.

This bracelet, with its promise of eternal affection, makes a wonderful gift to a loved one or special friend. It comes in a variety of sizes and colors, and includes a stunning sterling silver button clasp for effortless wearability.

Minty Chocolate Leather NecklaceThe minty chocolate leather necklace is also a limited edition item. Measuring at 28 inches long, it is at once sophisticated and uniquely earthy with its brown and mint color scheme.

At the end of the knotted mint leather, delight in the necklace’s finishing touch: three deliriously depth-filled and handmade beads of glass. This item is perfect for wearing by itself, or try it with gold or sterling silver chains.

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