Do This on Valentine's Day, And Make Him Feel Loved

3 Unique Valentine's Day Gifts and 2 Simple Ideas to Show Him He's Special

Have you ever thought why celebrate love only once a year?


Or maybe:


Why turn love into a commercialized holiday? Isn’t love supposed to be intimate, rare, precious?


How can I express this precious feeling when the expectation is for everyone to buy the same greeting card and the same boring mug?


There’s so much pressure in picking the right gift!!!


I really want to give him something special, something unique


But WHAT is that thing?!


…And the overwhelm of having to make a decision sinks in. And you end up either not doing anything at all or settle for the mug and that musky scented candle you bought him last year.


(and yes - GENTS, I see you, too - you have the same broken record playing in your heads…but swap mug for a bouquet of flowers and chocolate covered strawberries)


For the longest time, I was right there with you. Until I started looking at Valentine’s Day not as a repetitive chore but as an exciting way to turn the day into a small heartfelt celebration. I realized two things: 


First, celebrating Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean I am limiting my expression of love to only one day a year but rather - on that one day I get to amplify my expression of love tenfold. It's like celebrating my birthday. Instead, I celebrate LOVE’s birthday. It can be:

  • the love towards my significant other;
  • the love towards a special friend(s);
  • the love that I have towards myself.


Second, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be celebrated in a grand way or in the same socially promoted way. It can be expressed through a tiny unexpected gesture. Something that you don’t typically do but you know will make a significant difference in your love’s day.



  • make him breakfast (when it’s him who typically does that for you in the morning);
  • brew him a special cup of Joe (that he's mentioned he wanted to try next but haven’t gotten the chance to do so yet) and have it ready when he opens his eyes (accompanied by a sweet note or a unique greeting card and a flower bud).


And LADIES - it’s counterintuitive to give a man a flower but in my own personal experience - they LOVE it or at the very least - are pleasantly surprised because you dared to flip the script.


And if you are feeling extra generous and inspired this year, get him a special gift:

Personalized Keychain - I love you
Personalized Apron for Grilling, Pit Masters
Personalized Dopp Kit - Custom Monogram

At the end of the day,

It’s not our achievements or our material possessions that matter most, it’s our relationships.


We get so focused on our goals, chores, demanding jobs, responsibilities towards our kiddos, community, friends that we forget to pause and experience love fully. We take it for granted and hope that it will be there forever without putting any effort into nurturing it. But just like a plant that can’t grow without water and a fire that can’t burn without more wood, love can’t last without care.


Whether you choose to celebrate Valentine's Day or not, let this newsletter serve as a gentle reminder that you are loved and you have so much love to give and receive.



Silvia 💕

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