New Sterling Silver Jewelry Collection Sneak Peak

New Sterling Silver Jewelry Collection Sneak Peak

What are the colors that come into your mind when thinking about the winter holidays? Yes, that's the question I was asking myself before I started this collection.

Although I was trying to be different and come up with different color palette, I can't help myself thinking about white snow, dark brown-gray, moisten from the snow soil, green pine trees, red socks, and colorful presents and decoration.

So, I have to admit - that was part of my inspiration... You can't have a better metal to work with, that represents that coldness from the winter, than the sterling silver. Its high-polished surface, is wonderfully reflective like the virgin untouched surface of ice.

The gemstone that first jumped out at me was tourmaline quartz, because of its light grayish transparent color and its fossil-like dark gray, almost black speckles. Another one was the opal and the aqua.

Aqua reminds me a lot of a faceted cube of ice and the opal with its milky white surface reminds me of the white snow. On the other hand, living in Florida the nice sunny weather and the always vibrant colorful nature made me create Holiday jewelry with a twist of bright and lively colors.

Therefore, next to the jewelry pieces, having the traditional colors, associated with the winter, I am placing the jewelry pieces, inspired by that wonderful sunny weather outside my window.

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  • Jareds Engagement Rings on May 07, 2014

    Looking back
    Man’s use of silver for jewelry is definitely not something new. In fact it even goes back thousands of years. In the Old Kingdom of Ancient Egypt, silver jewelry was used for ceremonial ornamentation. And in the different points throughout history, the elegance and simplicity of silver was appreciated in almost all geographical locations. Silver jewelry was used widely in the Americas, like in Mexico, Peru, and in many countries in Europe and Asia.

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