Three Tips for a Business Trip - Making the Most of 48-Hour Trips

Posted by Silvia Nikolov on

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The two-day business trip. Typically seen as a necessary evil of the professional world. Don't fret if your summer calendar is full of these.

We at Sivani are here to try to help you get through the 48-hour travel grind, and, dare we say, to help you enjoy yourself.

The three tips for a business trip below come from seasoned business travelers on the international and national level. Try them next time you're out of town for 2 days.

1. Keep track of where you've stayed. It's really handy to have a journal where you can jot down the hotels and restaurants you've been to on one of these trips. The internet is a great tool, but nothing will aide your memory like writing your thoughts down briefly for instant reference. This way, you'll know what hotels have the most comfortable beds and which eateries cater to which kinds of clients.

2. Separate your liquids and electronics before you reach the airport. Nothing can get your trip off to a less-than-breezy start quite like the frustration of trying to get your stuff sorted while stripping out of your belt, sweater, and shoes in front of 200 complete strangers. Save yourself the hassle: get a good bag with external pockets and do the work before you get to security.

3. Make time to do one new thing. Even if it's the local museum or a walk on the beach, try to take an hour or two for yourself. You only live once and the fact is you're away from home.

So make the most of it! Remember that travel websites like Lonely Planet and Frommers are awesome resources for finding places to stay and things to do. Happy travels from Sivani!