Swing Into Golf Season - Best Golf Clubs in America

Augusta Golf Club. Image source: sbnation.com

Golf season is in full swing (pun intended). While you may be dreaming of playing the Old Course or somewhere similarly illustrious, remember that there are several prestigious, storied, and breath-taking spots for golf right here in the United States.

We've put together profiles of some of the best golf clubs in America.

1. Cypress Point Club - Pebble Beach, CA. This has some of the most spectacular views in the game, especially along the 15th, 16th, and 17th holes that line the Pacific Ocean. Near Monterrey, this is also a great place to come for a beach holiday.

2. Augusta National Golf Club - Augusta, GA. The yearly home of the Master's Tournament, the course is known for its architecture as well as the amusing names of its holes. Each hole is named after the plant with which it is associated (something you can mention to your colleagues when you're waiting to tee off).

3. Crystal Downs Country Club - Frankfort, MI. Crystal Downs is hands-down the best golf course in the Midwest. And it's definitely worth the trip. The course itself is challenging and beautiful, and in Michigan--the under-appreciated tourist state! Those in the know, however, realize that it's a great place to golf and to take part in outdoor activities of all kinds.

4. Pine Valley Golf Club - Pine Valley, NJ. Thanks to its deigner, George Arthur Crump (who was obsessed with the course's layout), this is one of the most complex and rewarding courses to play in the world. Its understated clubhouse is the stuff golf lore is made of!

Try one or two, and remember: it's not about winning or losing, but having bragging rights that you played one of these courses at all.

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