Top 5 World's Best Beaches - Sivani Style

Sun Island Beach - Maldives. Image source:

Sometimes, the daily grind needs escaping. Papers have a way of stacking up, in both the literal and figurative sense, and you need a vacation. What could be better (at any time of year) than heading out to the beach?

Think about yourself as you are at this moment. Then ask yourself if this moment could be improved with a tropical drink in one hand, your favorite novel or magazine in the other, and a magnificent stretch of blue sea and white sand laid out before you. Here are our top picks for the world's best beaches: 

1. Sun Island Beach - Maldives. Our first beach is actually best enjoyed while staying in a hut over the crystal-clear water and beautiful reef filled with tropical fish. If the hut-over-the-water isn't your scene, relax on the actual beach--the water is so transparent you can see the reef even from here!

2. Moterrico Beach - Guatemala. This beach of black volcanic sand borders deep blue Pacific waters. This is not a beach for the faint of heart: its rocking waves are for experienced swimmers only.

3. Crane Beach - Barbados. You can't go wrong with this postcard destination. With its gently-swaying palm trees and gentle, turqouise waters, you're sure to get a heavy dose of natural dopamine.

4. Mission Beach - San Diego. There's tons to do here in San Diego, a wonderful destination for a summer holiday. Round up some of your favorite friends and head out to enjoy the beach bodies and surf shops in between rounds of sunbathing and beer-drinking on the sand.

5. Amalfi Coast - Italy. For a beach holiday with a cultural touch, head to the region in Italy just South of Naples. Gorgeous villages such as Positano and Sorrento are assembled here atop dizzying cliffs.

The beaches above offer clear, warm Mediterranean waters and views of Mount Vesuvius. We hope we've lowered your blood pressure just a little simply by getting your mind off 'real life' and onto the beach. But nothing can replace the real thing--so get going!

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