Top 3 Drinking Snacks

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Here are our top 3 drinking snacks to reach for while you enjoy your adult beverage of choice.

1. Nuts. A ubiquitous bar and informal gathering staple, nuts are a great partner for beers. Whether with a dark ale or a light summer shandy, this is a simple match made in some sort of laidback heaven.

Salted peanuts are at their best with a citrusy beer like Blue Moon. For a sweet treat, try a trail mix with chocolate pieces and a raspberry beer – Liefman’s Framboise is the absolute god among them.

2. Olives. Every drinking establishment from the local dive to Bar Hemingway at the Paris Ritz is sure to have these on hand. When it comes to olives, the variety in taste and quality is absolutely dizzying (in the best possible way).

Next time you’re planning on martinis, select some fresh green olives from your deli and drop two into the drink. You’ll be delighted with the subtle change in taste and texture of an olive stuffed with garlic, bleu cheese, or onion as you’re sipping the cocktail.

Greek Kalamata olives stuffed with feta cheese go wonderfully with Pinot Noir. I personally find it difficult not to cook without a glass of wine and a little bowl of olives handy, and I recommend Whole Food’s olive bars if you’re looking for something fresh.

3. Cheese. When paired with the right wine, it seems to be a scientific fact that cheese can actually make your taste buds sing. Check out Sivani’s style blog article on the subject. Spirits can be a great complement to cheese, too. Try out a Talisker 18 year old with a Mull cheddar. You won’t regret it, we promise.

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