Timepiece Trends 2012 – Retro to Future

Timepiece. Image source: dandygadget.com

The timepiece trends for 2012 are at a crossroads. Both retro styles and futuristic materials are sharing the limelight, often on the same watch. That’s just fine by us at Sivani, since leather bracelets are a very of-the-moment pairing with timepieces.

Wondering what the current fashions in time-tellers are? You’ve come to the right place. Rose gold for women. Of all the materials on the market, this is perhaps the hottest for modern women in Spring/Summer 2012. Michael Kors’ line has made excellent use of this metal, which is both feminine and visually commanding. 

It looks stunning when paired with a variety of other metals and precious stones, from yellow gold and platinum to mother of pearl and diamond. Pairing a great watch with bracelets. Wrap leather bracelets are particularly useful in drawing attention to your favorite timepiece.

Add another dimension to what's going on on your wrist by selecting a brightly-colored braided bracelet while you're wearing a clean-lined mod watch. Or load up on thick leather banded bracelets if you've chosen a watch with a tortoise band (which looks great with a safari-themed outfit).

Large-faced watches for men and women. Simple, grandpa-inspired watches with large faces and leather straps are at once retro and contemporary. These unisex looks can be found at department stores as well as at high-end fashion retail outposts like JCrew, which is currently showcasing a small but superb selection of these styles in their men's section.

Ladies, don't be afraid to purchase a man's watch - it looks sexy on your smaller wrist, we promise. Have fun keeping time as you keep up with the times, style-wise!

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