Rebel Style - For the Man Who Knows the Rules But Chooses to Break Them

Rebel Style for Men

Thanks in large part to the new emphasis on men's style in magazines and in culture at large, guys have been able to gain a level of freedom in fashion, a sense of rebel style, that hasn't been seen in decades.

As regular readers will know, we at Sivani are dedicated to helping all men look the part of whatever part it is they want to play. But we do have a soft spot for the fashion rebels - Sivani men who know all the fashion rules, but choose to break them.

Think you have what it takes to be one of them? Read on. Stylish rebel men know that fashion is sometimes in the details. In women's fashion, we call these details 'accessories.'

But you can think of them as tools for style success. It's not just the flashy leather jacket, for instance - it's the braided leather bracelet that goes with it that makes a real statement. These guys shun the notion that men don't wear jewelry, proudly wearing their sleek, masculine pieces with pride.

Whether out on the surf, dominating the boardroom, or in their favorite bar, these men know that what's overt isn't always the sexiest. Speaking of details: why not let the rebel in you come through with a new haircut? If you're been rocking the same 'do since high school, schedule an appointment now at the best place in town.

A stylist can help you determine which look matches your personality and plays to your face's strengths. Real rebels might even consider a streak of color somewhere in their locks - whether silver gray or bright red, you'll definitely stand out from the rest.

We encourage men to break out of style norms and to truly express themselves through their style choices. So do it: wear pink and purple, and blue and brown together. Mix patterns and materials all you want. And remember: your style is your own - make it that way.

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