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Suit Up Like Grandpa – The Geezer Style for Young Guys

Posted by Silvia Nikolov on

Geezer Style for Young Guys. Image source: GQ Magazine

Congratulations, Grandpa. You are now deemed by the fashion world to be the most stylish man in the family. That’s right. The hottest trend for guys in their twenties and thirties can be best described as ‘the Geezer Style'.

This trend has extended far beyond suiting to include watches, shoes, socks, glasses, and even—in a strange-but-appropriate style crossover with the Don Draper slick back—haircuts. Let’s start at the beginning though.

Here’s how to suit up in a way that’ll make the old man proud.

1. The shirt. The shirt is the foundation of any great grandpa outfit. We recommend a nice, multi-colored plaid in any fall’s hot colors like hunter green, chartreuse, and plum purple, or a simple horizontally striped number.

2. The jacket. For dressing like gramps, nothing quite beats a slightly-oversized tweed. However, any jacket in a different material should be cut to fit you well without any gaps. Larger lapels or skinnier ones are both encouraged.

3. The tie. Have fun with this. Choosing a bowtie or regular necktie in a color and pattern that contrasts and even clashes with your shirt’s will give you an edgy vibe.

4. The trousers. These too should be cut close. In accordance with current fashion mandates, they should end just near the bottom of the ankle, leaving a visual gap that is an opportunity for argyle socks. Feel free to play up the Geezer style with a vintage briefcase, a large-faced watch with a leather strap, suspenders, or thick-framed plastic glasses.

You can also update this trend with a touch of men’s sterling silver jewelry from Sivani! Have fun with it—and don’t break a hip.

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