High Fashion Meets Rebel Style

Fall 2012 Tend - High Fashion Meets Rebel Style. Source: belstaffgroup.com

Fall 2012 trends are all about seeming contrasts that, when put together, create a unified yet striking look.

Tweed paired with sleek leather, red denim paired with a burnt orange cotton shirt, a tuxedo paired with a statement sterling silver men’s necklace - anything does (and will) go this season.

This is a golden era for the man of style, particularly for the one with rebel style. High fashion doesn’t always mean refinement in the traditional sense.

This season, rugged knits for men are on the way in. Chunky knit sweaters of wool and cotton in classic shades of cream, maroon, and navy should be updated with slightly-irreverent and dressed-down t-shirts and bright plaid patterns worn underneath.

Sivani’s leather bracelets for men are a perfect complement to this modern ski-resort look. Racing and sporting-inspired fashions are also making a speedy comeback.

Any ‘Speed Racer’ fans reading this post will love the 70s-throwback leather jackets and racing stripes associated with this trend.

Sporting looks mix a high fashion sensibility with middlebrow cheek that is attractive to Sivani guys. Of course, the wide range of leather products on the Fall 2012 runways are the perfect example of high fashion and rebel style joining forces.

A luxurious material that only gains character with age and use, leather is at once glamorous and rugged. This fall, true rebel guys will tap into this trend by stepping out in leather boots and with leather bags on their shoulders. No matter what drives your rebel fashion choices this fall, you can count on Sivani’s sterling silver and leather jewelry for men to give your style that extra push over the edge.

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