Should You Tuck In Your Shirt Or Not

Should you tuck in your shirt or not. Source:

Welcome to the next post in Sivani’s series on how men can dress themselves successfully while avoiding a variety of fashion missteps and mishaps.

This week, we’ll be talking about a topic that might be a little irksome or confusing to a lot of men (and ladies, you can take note too – both for your man and for yourself!). We at Sivani are dedicated this week to giving you the low-down on when and if to tuck in your shirt.

When Should You Tuck In Your Shirt And When You Should Not!

Here are Sivani’s (and, you know, society’s) basic rules for tucking in shirts:
  • Here’s a hint you might not have known about: check the bottom hem of the shirt in question to see if it has long tails, short tails, a rounded hem, or a straight hem. If it has long tails or a rounded hem, that means it’s been designed to be worn tucked in. If it has short tails or a straight hem, the shirt can be worn untucked.
  • Like other garments, fit matters when it comes to shirts. If you want a look that’s trim and sleek, pick a slim fit shirt. If you've been working on your chest and abs, by all means tuck your shirt in!
  • Make sure never to tuck in a shirt that’s too short! Nothing is more awkward than a too-short or too-small shirt.
  • Please, please: never tuck in t-shirts, sweaters, or sports jerseys. It’s just wrong.
As always, we encourage our Sivani guys to use their common sense and personal style when choosing what to wear and how to wear it. Just try to do it using our helpful hints!

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