Need Ideas For Badass Groomsmen Gifts? You have official permission to not be boring with your wedding gifts.

It’s not just a groomsmen gift. It’s a declaration of your untouchable indestructible bond.

Hence you are not looking for a gift that screams a common ordinary wedding gift. You are looking for a badass groomsmen gift that pays homage to years of mutual alliance.

They are your college buddies. Not blood brothers - chosen brothers. Fraternity brothers. Team brothers.

You speak the same language. Your secret language. Full of banter. Your secret banter.

You’ve shared many moments. Special moments. Uncomfortable moments.

They’ve been there when you fell in love for the first time and had your heart broken. They got your back, got you drunk.

And carried you to your dorm room with puke all over your face. With a smile.

You’ve crashed cars, crashed parties together. Crushed bottles of whisky and shotgunned beers.

You’ve been dumb with them, the dumbest. And they kept on loving you. Love you. Unconditionally.

It’s a brotherhood of acceptance. The most genuine one. You get that with nobody else.

They’ve seen your growth - from boyhood to manhood.

They’ve cheered you on. Still do.

They’ve opened doors for you. Introduced you to the right people. Made your career success possible.

They just get you. They are your ride or die buds. Your allies.

And now it’s your big moment. The biggest one. Your wedding.

They are putting a ton of effort and money into being part of your big day.

And you want to show them the depths of your appreciation.

You want your groomsmen proposal to be big, the biggest, ginormous. Memorable. Significant. Epic.

For the coolest badass groomsmen, you want the coolest badass groomsmen gifts.

You want gifts that are classy and expensive. Over the top. Screaming luxury.

They should be custom. Unique. Personalized to your groomsmen. Meaningful.

Gifts that they’ll use for years to come. That remind them of you.

That serve as a representation of your brotherhood. Your bond.

Sounds impossible? I don’t think so.

Here are my top three badass groomsmen gift ideas that you and your groomsmen will love and use for years to come:

  1. The Clark & Taft weekender bag. Featured in Ferrari’s catalog. Picture the whole gang looking dapper, arriving with the same gear at your next get-together golfing trip to Mesquite, Nevada. The cherry on top - you can personalize it with their initials or names.
    Brown Weekender Duffle Bag
  2. A more budget-friendly version? - The Clark & Taft Dopp Kit (aka toiletry bag). Featured in gift guides season after season and chosen by Lexus as a gift for execs and employees. I’ve also sold thousands as personalized groomsmen gifts. Perhaps some of your buddies still carry their toiletries in ziplock bags? Time to suit them up - a personalized dopp kit is the gift they need but wouldn’t think to buy for themselves.
    Personalized Dopp Kit
  3. And drumroll please - the Clark & Taft Apron. Featured in GQ’s Impossible Gift Guide: 8 Unique Etsy Finds For The Guy Who Has Everything. Though your buddies won’t travel around the world with this one, they’ll look handsome grilling your burger to perfection at the next block party.
    Personalized Apron for Grilling, Woodworking, Barbers, Jewelers, Chefs

Not over the top enough? Upgrade to the Duffle & Dopp kit set. They will love you forever.

I am not sharing all of my product features to brag (maybe a little - it’s been my dream to get featured in GQ ever since I started my businesses in 2009) but more so because I want you to know that when it comes to gifting badass groomsmen gifts you are in the right place.

I’ll take care of you and your badass buddies.


Now you.


Why do you want to spoil your groomsmen?

What is the most badass groomsmen gift you’ve ever received?

What is the groomsmen gift you hope to receive on the next wedding you attend?



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