What if this International Women’s Day you simply paused and praised yourself for the multifaceted, multidimensional, multi-capable contemporary woman that you are?

What if you simply celebrated you?


Regardless of ethnicity, race, status, drive.


The woman who cares deeply, loves intensely, nurtures without boundaries.


The woman who fights for your dreams while raising a family.


The woman who is in service to your community (that being the community at large or to your closest friends and family circle).


The woman who takes care of loved ones while figuring out how to take care of herself.


The nurturer but also the provider. The carer but also the taken care of.


As women, we often don’t feel worthy or ready or perfect enough to celebrate our magic and share our story with others. We hold back. We hide under thick brick & mortar walls and vaults with 16-character long passwords. 


We strive to be supernatural, extraterrestrial. Otherwise, we are not worthy to be seen, heard, celebrated.


But what we don’t realize is that even in our seemingly ordinary existence, it is our unique experience that may be a roadmap for someone else’s journey.


And that unique experience has every right to be celebrated and shared.


Can you relate to that? And if not, let me explain.


2 weeks ago after sending out a newsletter sharing some keynotes from my own personal journey, I received a handful of replies with some incredibly touching and inspiring stories.


Like this one from Melissa that touched my heart and brought me to tears - a perfect example of what's been in my heart and soul in terms of seeing my products traveling through time and staying in a family for generations.


But also an inspiration and a representation of what I meant by celebrating the contemporary multifaceted multidimensional women that we are today.


Without further ado, this is Melissa’s story (and the untold story of why I love what I do and how much I love for my products to be of service to you):


Four years ago, I restarted my academic journey, and was looking for a sturdy bag that would last for the length of my Doctoral program.


I came across one of your products my parents had purchased from you as I was cleaning out their house in Michigan. They have both passed.


I kept the item and visited your website.


There it was, the tote bag - perfect for carrying my research from place to place.

Personalized Tote Bag

For the past 18 years, I have been an active law enforcement officer and Adjunct Professor.


Your bag has held up in the back of my patrol car on numerous calls, on different shifts and in different types of weather.


My vehicle flooded out while we were working the hurricanes and my bag was on the floorboard. Thankfully, I saved the bag as it is my favorite.


Over the years, I have continued to purchase your products to include the personalized apron.

Personalized Apron for Grilling, Woodworking, Barbers, Jewelers, Chefs

I recently purchased four personalized keychains for all of my adult children with their initials and “Loves ya” on them as I want them to have something from me that lasts a lifetime.

Personalized Keychain

The short backstory of the “Loves ya” began when my boys were little.


I would blow them a kiss and say “Loves ya” and off they would go into school for the day.


As they grew, it was deployments, a wedding and now each time we part.


I was lucky enough to gain an amazing daughter in law, who I consider my daughter. When we part ways, I always tell her and my Grandson, “Loves ya.” They all know they are the most special people to me.


The keychains are little gifts to them before our family vacation.”


Now you.


Write and tell me your story.

How'd you come across Clark & Taft?

What was going on in your life that brought you to Clark & Taft?

Do you celebrate March 8th?

How do you celebrate it?

Do you see it as an opportunity to bring attention to social, political, economic, and cultural issues?

Or as a way to celebrate the women who’ve had a positive impact on your life?

Or simply to love yourself more?



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