From motorcycles to jewelry - It's a man's world

2012 Stryker model

A lot of people would say that there is a possibility that a piece of jewelry would make a man look feminine. I would think twice before I make a statement like this one.

The most masculine men are the men I see on motorcycles, the men covered in black leather, leather boots, rugged pair of jeans, and lets not forget - bands of leather bracelets and thick silver chains...

You get the picture.

Motorcycles give you the sense of fearless power, unstoppable movement, and freedom. As Yamaha describes the 2012 Stryker model - "with its raked out front end and "fists in the wind" riding position, this bike is pure attitude".

The man in power is the man who knows how to calm down the beast, show some attitude, and look sexy while doing it. A man like this one knows how to show off not only by the style of bike he picks but also by the style of jewelry he wears while riding it - simple yet bold, earthy yet modern, minimalistic...and always meant to make a statement.

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