How to Rock the Safari Look with Leather Bracelets and Necklaces

Sterling Silver Filigree Leather Necklace

Sivani’s leather bracelets and necklaces make a natural complement to this season’s safari-and-desert-inspired trends. While Sivani offers stunning pieces in leather for women, such as wrap bracelets and long necklaces with gemstones, our men’s styles take the explorer-man look to a whole new level of ruggedness.

Designed by our in-house artist, Silvia Nikolov, Sivani’s leather necklace with sterling silver filigree pendant for men is a study in contrasts. You can customize this piece to include earthy brown leather, or desert-night black leather.

Either looks distinct and manly against the .925 sterling silver pendant, with its bas relief sculpted filigree design. This high-contrast piece is sure to grab attention in an outfit composed primarily of light, low-contrast materials.

Handmade and put together using only the highest-quality materials, this piece is sure to be a constant companion on all of your worldly explorations.  

Simple Leather Wrap Bracelet

For a little something to look at while you’re waiting at the stoplight on your motorcycle, car, or—depending on the occasion—camel, we suggest our simple men’s leather wrap bracelet in sterling silver.

This is a luxury piece for the man wishing to express a polished modernity alongside a Wild-West, devil-may-care attitude.

This is a versatile bracelet, that can in fact also be worn as a necklace by men and women alike. Wrapping an average of six times around the wrist—or two times around the neck.

Sivani’s leather bracelets and leather necklaces are the best way to liven up a safari look. We know you’ll agree.

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    I can’t seem to find the bracelet in the sessions anymore.

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