Sivani Bracelets and Necklaces - Reminders of Friendship

Little Floral Leather Bracelet

Sivani is synonymous with the summer. The uniqueness of Silvia Nikolov’s designs is the perfect complement to the wide range of scents, sights, and life events associated with this special time of the year.

Weddings, when done right, reflect the values and personalities of those being joined together in marriage. So, if you’re a Sivani bride, groom, or guest, why not make our jewelry a part of the special celebration? Sivani bracelets and necklaces make for fantastic reminders of friendship for both bridesmaids and groomsmen.

These are gifts they will truly cherish – to have and to hold, as a matter of fact. For bridesmaids in a country wedding, we suggest our little sterling silver floral bracelet. This lovely piece is dainty and particularly striking in red.

For a more urban celebration, the silver wrap bracelet with citrine is recommended. Your team of maids can even make it a long, fun necklace for once the dancing starts!

Leather Necklace Horseshoe PendantThe non-traditional groom might be well suited (no wedding pun intended) to the men’s leather necklace with horseshoe pendant. Horseshoes are a symbol of good luck—and what guy couldn’t use that on his wedding day, even as a protection against flubbing the vows?

And wise indeed is the groom who hands out our leather bracelet with sterling silver anchor before the ceremony to symbolically thank his buddies for their constant support and friendship.

Mothers of the bride, cousins of the groom – there’s truly something for every wedding guest from Sivani Designs.

Have a great time shopping our friendship bracelets and necklaces, and be sure to browse our other posts for my style inspiration. Happy celebrating!

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