Lightin’ Up the BBQ - Barbecue Ideas for Party

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Those summer beers that we discussed in last week’s post will no doubt go down easy with what we’re about to chat about this week — barbecue ideas for party.

So once you’re sure you’ve got enough gas, coal, and brews, why don’t you invite some friends over for a backyard soiree? Here are some recipes and party ideas to start the summer off in style.

If it’s a laidback get-together of family and/or friends, hotdogs, brats, and burgers are always a good bet. Going to a good butcher makes all the difference in the world where taste is concerned, but if not, Archer Farms (at Target) and Trader Joe’s brand meats are superior to what else is hanging out in the meat aisle.

Feel free to go cheap on things like pickles, sauerkraut, and ketchup, but heaven help you if you’re cheap on the tomatoes, onions, or cheese! For recipes of this type, we suggest consulting with Martha Stewart’s website.

While you may not think of her as a grizzly grill master, she does know how to please a crowd. For a more upscale gathering, fish or steaks might be the order of the evening.

Make sure you stock up on red wine (Cabernet is especially nice) for red meet, and a white if it’s fish. If you’re not sure exactly what wine to choose, is a great food and wine pairing website, and very simple to use.

As for the food, we again refer you to the local butcher or fishmonger—though No Name steaks are a delicious alternative to more expensive options. If you’re in the mood to brush up on your grilling skills, we’d recommend ordering a copy of Weber’s Big Book of Grilling.

And to those disenfranchised vegans out there, fear not: you too can enjoy this summer tradition, and Veganomican: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook can help. If you’re not too burned out (pun intended), the barbecue lovers among you will adore chef Anthony Bourdain’s Kansas City episode – watch it on!

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