World’s Top 3 Surfing Spots

Surfing at Kuta Bali Beach. Image source:

Surfing is one of the best ways to improve your health--and to have a great time doing it. It's a fact that the sport works muscle groups throughout the entire body (if you don't believe us, spend some time paddling out to where the big tuna waves are), improves cardiovascular health, and can even contribute to the relief of high blood pressure and reduce stress when practiced regularly.

The Zen-like vibes you get from being out on the ocean and riding waves? They aren't just in your head. If you could do with some relaxation this summer (or any time of the year) why not try one of these top 3 surfing spots where you can not only enjoy catching some waves but also some of the most beautiful sceneries?

This list includes selections especially tailored to intermediate and beginning surfers, since you would probably have already quit your day job and know about all the hot spots otherwise. Here we go:

1. Kuta, Bali For those with some extra cash they'd like to burn off, there's almost nowhere we could think of that's more beautiful than Bali. The beach at Kuta is the best place to start off; try the Odyssey Bali Surf School for a personalized or group lesson. Make sure to stick around after to enjoy the sandy strip of beach, restaurants, and palm-tree-laden views in the area.

2. Waikiki, Hawaii This Sivani employee is incredibly biased toward Hawaii, but for good reason. It's domestic, which means low hassle in terms of passport nonsense and currency exchanges, but is also simply one of the most enchanting places in the world. Honolulu's downtown is a special place (think Chicago's Gold Coast plucked from beside Lake Michigan and deposited next to the Pacific), and so is its signature beach. While you're riding a wave in, try to stay up long enough to enjoy the views of the city.

3. Lagos, Portugal For those looking to head to Europe, you couldn't find a better place to surf than Lagos. It's a mostly-undiscovered gem of the surfing world. Surf Experience Lagos is an excellent place to take lessons as a beginner. Part of the fun of surfing here is getting worn out so you can enjoy a heaping plate of delicious Portuguese food after in the town center. And remember to please take your Sivani leather jewelry off before you get in the water!

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