White Suits for Men - A Summer Staple

When it comes to white suits for men, many men don’t understand how to wear them, when to wear them, or why to wear them. Here at Sivani, we’re enormous fans of this summer staple, and definite proponents of men adorned in them looking just about as suave as can be imagined. Keep reading to discover our secrets to success in white suit-wearing.

Brad Pitt in White Suit. Credit: WENN.com

Why to wear them. Have you ever found yourself at a summer event like a wedding or outdoor concert only to experience the uncomfortable sensation of sweating through your shirt and into your suit jacket? You’re definitely not alone. To avoid this mistake this summer, step out in a white men’s suit. Unlike darks that leave you hot and irritable, white won’t soak up the sun.

For maximum airflow, it’s important to find a suit in either linen or seersucker. Both of these are breathable fabrics that will keep you cool and collected. We recommend Brooks Brothers’ Seersucker Cambridge Fit Suit or Calvin Klein’s Slim Fit White Linen 2-Piece Suit.

When to wear them. White suits are wonderful attire for summer weddings, graduations, religious ceremonies, golf tournaments, gallery openings – really, most any special occasion from May to September. It’s good etiquette to wear them only then the weather is over 72 degrees. Remember, you’re trying to channel Rhett Butler in Atlanta, here, not Puff Daddy at LAX.

How to wear them. To keep these looks fresh and classy, stick with light pastel shirts. Pinstripes and small checks look fantastic with seersucker in particular. Since the white in and of itself is bound to look somewhat more formal, you are more than welcome to forgo the tie. If you do wear a tie, we suggest one in a different gradient of your shirt’s hue.

As for shoes:  light brown or gray leather are debonair, and, if you’re feeling adventurous, a boat shoe. Don’t forget to top your look with one of Sivani’s men’s leather necklaces and a great cap. And be aware that the fashion police will come to find you if you try to wear socks (of any color or kind) with a white suit.

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