Wrap You Wrists in Style with Rope and Leather Bracelets

Triple Wrap Leather Bracelet

Take a moment and look down at your wrists. You probably don't see what you should - a leather bracelet. What do you actually see? What’s on them at the moment? A clunky watch? An old, tired bracelet? Another lackluster accessory of some kind or another? Or maybe – nothing.

Every day, we use our hands and arms for a variety of tasks, from typing at our computers, to choosing a bottle of wine at dinner, to pushing a lawnmower, to opening a beer. Why not thank your wrists for all their hard work with a much needed makeover?

May we suggest - a wrap leather bracelet or a rope bracelet from Sivani. Feeling rugged and outdoorsy? To meet your needs for a quick layered look, there is no better choice than a leather wrap bracelet.

Simple and versatile, our triple wrap bracelet is comprised of three coils of classic braided leather cord and subtle handmade, corrugated tube beads of .925 sterling silver -- a distinctly masculine look that blazes a new stylistic trail from its American West original.

Another, more contemporary piece, such as the “Stacked” wrap bracelet can add a splash of color. The non-traditional material -- rope, used for running rigging of a sailing vessel -- definitely will give you the so much wanted “WOW” effect.

Let's face it, the combination of bold colors -- lime green, black with red and yellow, red -- and the fact that not one but two strands of rope wrap around your wrist three times, make this rope bracelet an essential must-have for the modern man with an edge.

Sivani's wrap bracelets come in so many styles, materials and colors, it’s hard to wear just one. From leather to rope, and sterling silver to gemstones, your wrists are sure to grab attentions in one of these original, handmade creations as you go about the business of looking awesome each and every day.

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