Understated Style, Confident Masculinity

Understated Style for Men. Image source: laststyleofdefense.com

This fall, wild colors and mixed media fashion full of differing patterns and materials are decidedly “in”.

However, not everyone has the desire to flaunt their creativity in this particular way and some prefer a more subtle understated style all year round.

If you consider yourself to have more classic taste, don’t despair for this fall’s fashions. You can always remain on-trend because, well, sophisticated and understated style is always in style.

You just know how to pull off your basic look in light of the current ideas about how your clothes should fit. Take what you already have in your closet and re-purpose it for use this fall.

For instance, think about your favorite pair of jeans. If you’re wanting to give them a new life, bring them to a tailor you trust and have them altered to match the slim-fitting leg that is incredibly popular with top design houses this fall. It’s all about a slim fit that hits just in the middle of the ankle. The same is true of your favorite jacket. Have yours adjusted to fit closer around the middle.

Your tailor might have some great ideas about how to adjust the piece for fall, such as narrowing the width of the lapel. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Accessorizing is also a great way to keep on trend when you’re inclined to the classics.

For instance, try a statement tie with a pattern that is a bit more complex than you would normally wear. Of course, sporting Sivani’s jewelry for men will also add a touch of boldness to anyone’s cool and understated style.

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