A Pop of Color – How to Accent

Michael Kors - Gray Suit with Orange Tie and Scarf. Image source: hisshanghai.com

Bright and bold colors—sometimes even of the neon persuasion—have been huge fashion winners in the last few seasons, and rest assured that this trend will continue into this fall.

As the leaves change, however, you might find yourself wanting to don the subtle shades of purple, red, and brown that are classic and cozy.

There’s no shame in it. But if you’d like to remain on-trend, let us lend you a little advice: bring in a pop of color that is vibrant and bold into outfits built primarily out of earthy, autumnal tones or more subdued shades all together.

For instance:

1. Add a bright tie, or a tie with bright elements, to a less colorful shirt and sweater combination. This gives you the opportunity to make a statement while feeling comfortable in the primary colors you’re wearing.

2. Wear a bright scarf (or two). Try a scarf in chartreuse or clear, bright blue. Or, better yet, choose two scarves: one with a bright pattern, the other a solid color.

3. Reach for a Sivani design. Many of our designs include a pop of color. Men’s jewelry can definitely work as a stunning accent. Our lively and manly Split-Rope and Braided Leather bracelet comes in five bold colors and will keep you looking bold.

4. Try bright shoes. Colorful shoes are in demand for both men and women in fall 2012. Buy a pair with a colorul sole, laces, or all-over hue. By combining elements that are bright and energetic with pieces that are a little subtler, you’ll create visual interest and variation in your looks for fall. Staying on trend was never this much fun.

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