The Contemporary Trench Coat and How to Wear It

The Contemporary Trench Coat. Image source:

The trench coat has a long history as one of the 20th century's most iconic wardrobe pieces. It has a million connotations - the hard-boiled, Humphrey Bogart detective on the case, gleeful Debbie Reynolds and good-natured Gene Kelly singing and stomping in the rain in bright yellow, sophisticated Duchess Kate stepping out in London, Rick Astley never giving you up in a music video.

The list of references continues for this always-relevant and versatile piece. While the trench coat is a classic, contemporary takes on it are big in fall 2012. Here are some ways to do it right, right now:

Women: instead of a traditional camel-colored trench, make the most of the mixed media trend instead with a coat that incorporates details like fur sleeves with a sleek metallic material. Super-long trenches in bright colors are also huge -- play with proportions in tiny ankle boots that peek out from beneath.

The chic dresser will reach for a quilted trench in navy, black, or green, pairing it with riding boots to look like landed gentry. For lots of attention as you strut down the street, find a trench with a bold print -- and choose rain boots with an equally busy pattern.

Men: if you're a Sivani guy, chances are you already have a trench coat or two in your wardrobe lineup. But, the more the merrier! Take note of our suggestions above and remake them in your own masculine way. Try a short, leather trench with wool arms for a look that is very Continental and sexy indeed.

Or, to channel Cary Grant, find one with a herringbone pattern and complement it with a bright tie or scarf to keep it modern and in line with the season's color trends. There are worse fashion places to be than in the trenches, Sivani guys and gals! What are your favorite ways to wear them?

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