New Color Trends and Styling Ideas For Men - Spring 2013

Color Trends and Styling Ideas for Men - Spring 2013

Men’s fashion can be a bit of a drag sometimes, especially in the winter months. It’s easy to get tired of wearing the same black sweaters and boring overcoats every day.

If you ready for something new then you are in luck! Spring 2013 is coming and with it is lots of great and colorful new styling options for men. We have rounded up three of the boldest, coolest and most exciting trends in men’s styling for Spring 2013 that will seriously kick your wardrobe up a notch.

  1. For 2013, neutral colors are out and brights are in, specifically primary colors. Intense reds, yellows, and blues will be all over stores this spring in accessories and clothes. Solid and patterned oxford shirts in vibrant colors layered with sweaters and jackets are perfect for updating your wardrobe this season. You can mix these primary colors with crisp whites or the neutrals that you already have in your wardrobe.
  1. Bold accessories are another big trend coming for men’s fashion this spring. Rocking some brightly colored shoe soles, an oversized watch, or some colorful bracelets will inject some style into your wardrobe. If lots of accessorizing seems like too much of a jump for you, try to energize some of the items that you already wear. Choose a brightly colored tie or handkerchief with your every day suit, or lace up your normal shoes with some color or patterned laces.
  1. Denim is always in style, but this spring it’s going to be everywhere. Denim pants and jackets will be great for the warmer months, but chambray will really be a spring and summer lifesaver. Chambray is a very lightweight denim, which looks great and keeps you cool. Chambray shirts, jackets, and other pieces will be great additions to your wardrobe this year. The best part of this trend is that chambray looks fantastic with the bold colors and accessories mentioned above. Pair a denim shirt with a pair of bold colored pants for a fashion forward look, or for something more subdued try some bright leather bracelets or a hat with a light chambray shirt.

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