13 incredibly unique mother's day gifts

April 08, 2015

13 incredibly unique mother's day gifts

unique mother's day gifts

Oh, hey there! Yes, I know it's that time of the year again - searching for Mother's day gifts? The holiday is quickly approaching and you still haven't figured out what to buy mom... Or perhaps you are a fresh dad shopping around for a very special first mother's day gift for the most amazing new mom...

Buying gifts for reoccurring holidays is never easy - you bought mom a mug last year, you bough your wifie a fancy perfume the year before, grandma got some flowers... I get the picture - you need help and you need it fast because Mother's day is just around the corner.

FYI, one of the best ever Mother's Day presents is as simple as making her a nice breakfast! So why not just start the day early (to your standards, but not mom's), roll your sleeves up and bake her some super easy but super delicious peanut butter bacon and dark chocolate cookies. Serve those in bed, preferably with a bouquet of flowers, and the super unique present you've bought.

Then, let her do what she likes. Make it clear that she can't do anything around the house or work-related, only things for herself. Maybe she'd like to read a book, go out for a hike or a walk, or maybe she would want you to join her on a trip to the mall for some crazy shopping. Maybe she'd like to take a long, quiet bath. Perhaps she'd enjoy a few hours watching a recorded program or a downloaded movie she enjoys. The point is - let her be.

Without any more blabbing around, may I present to you in no particular order the 13 incredibly unique mother's day gifts I found for this year's Mother's day - some of them are customized, some personalized, some bespoke, but most of all - they are all unique (and some of them not at all expensive):


Best Mom Ever Dish Towel Set by Nesta Home


MR TEA tea infuser by FRED

3. Mother's Day Card - Original Hand-lettered Illustration by  Lily & Val

Gold Arrow Necklace - Initial Necklace by primlark


Complete Facial Care Gift Set by TOKYO FACTORY


Personalized Expandable Toiletry Bag by Sivani Designs


Personalized Mug for Mom by Mary Elizabeth Arts


I LOVE YOU Embossing Rolling Pin by Valek Rolling Pins


Three Handmade Polymer Clay Pears - love you mom by Skye Art


Pottery Bird Nesting Bowls by Tasha McKelvey


Personalized Cutting Board by Shady Oak Board Co.


Cushion Cover Love Pillow by ColorfulZ


Personalized Family Dolls for a Baby New Arrival by Cromanticamente

Do you have any unique Mother's day gift ideas you've recently stumbled upon? Share them with us...

Most of the products in this gift guide are handmade by Etsy's super talented artists' community.

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